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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A note about comments
Starting now, when you comment, you'll have to do a word verification. It's the same thing that you see sometimes when you buy concert tickets, where you're shown a picture of a word that's fractured or twisted or patterned or something, and then asked to type in the word. I've done this because as I'm sure you've all noticed, we're picking up a lot of spam, and I don't feel like either reading it or deleting it. The word verification process will prevent any automated spam systems from posting comments because it requires a person to enter the word.

If this doesn't stop the spam, I'll prohibit anonymous commenting. That won't affect anyone who is able to post to this site, but because our comments are through Blogger, it means no one who's not a Blogger user will be able to comment. I had thought it would be nice to keep the comments as open as possible so anyone who happens along and has tasty ideas related to what we're talking about here can chime in.

Because this is a site we started for ourselves, I doubt this is an issue any of us care about very much, except for not wanting to be spammed. However, if the spam continues to be a problem but we want comments to remain open to the general public, as opposed to the Blogger public, I can try switching us to a non-Blogger comments system; for whatever reason, I don't get spam in the comments on my own blog, for instance.

Anyway, that's all. Back to the eating.

posted by Katie at 1:54 PM;

Blogger Erin said...

Thanks Katie, you're a gem! That spam was WAY annoying!

9:15 PM  

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